Brian Gladstone is a Singer Songwriter & Fingerstyle Guitar Master

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Gladstone's 4 albums have all garnered world wide acclaim, and have received prime time rotation on 5 continents. Several of Brian's tunes are liscensed for a prime time BBC series, he has 2 record deals with US labels, and his second album 'Psychedelic Pholk Psongs' had 4 tunes on European country charts!

Brian Gladstone has been reviewed in over 100 publications World Wide

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The View On Pop Culture, the Reverend’s monthly review of pop culture, appears in the pages of View From The Hill, a monthly newspaper in Long Beach, California with an estimated 200,000 readers in ten southern California communities. The column covers the many facets of the pop world, including music, movies, books, television and more.

Giving Back to the Roots Community - Activism and Acclaim

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Brian Gladstone is the founder and active festival director for Winterfolk, an annual blues and roots festival in Toronto, now a member of the OCFF. (Ontario Council of Folk Festivals). Brian Gladstone is the founder and president for the Association of Artists for a Better World, a registered non profit organization.

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