Gladstone’s Guitar Lessons – Best Deal in this Quadrant of the Galaxy

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Best Deal in this Quadrant of the Galaxy


  Brian Gladstone has spent a life time inventing unique and captivating guitar style which has gained recognition and critical acclaim all over the world. Using a hand-painted Gibson Starburst Elite, Brian’s guitar playing has been featured on hundreds of radio programs, syndicated television, internet sites, and more. When Brian plays guitar, the audience is always filled with guitar players trying to pick up tips on his style.

6- String Sample Sounds (audio not yet installed in this new website)

Lengthy Diatribe – Four east coast blues blues tunes in the style of Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Blake

Finger Licking Picking – At no time do his fingers leave his hands – High speed good-old-fashioned-pickin inspired by Doc Watson.

Estrogen – A haunting minor blues in a style of his own.

Mr. Pick Quick’s Polka – A blue grass high speed polka style both flat and finger picked – always a big hit at Oktoberfest.

He has perfected the art of speed-picking – flat-picking – fingerpicking and strumming — all at the SAME TIME!

His approach to guitar playing is multidimensional, and his strings are intermingled with his writing and his life.

He lives what he plays. Often compared to the greatest guitar players know, Gladstone’s busy schedule still affords time to spend with his students – as he wants to share his Artform and pass it into the next generation.

If you are in the vicinity of Toronto Canada – or just passing through, drop an email to GLADSTONE’S GUITAR LESSONS – include your contact info and he will get back to



Playing Toronto City Hall with Tony Quarrington, Lynn Harrison, David Gillis, Maureen Brown

Brian Gladstone has Shared Stages with Guitar Greats


Brian is a founding member of the Guitar Boys of Alderon, Power Roots trio with fellow cadets Mr. Rick and Noah Zacharin.

Odessa, Ontario



Competing at the Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition – 4 th place finish 2004.

Mariposa333(late) Eddie Baltimore, Rick Fines, Grit Laskin, Brian Gladstone wf-al-photos-071.jpgBrian Gladstone with Juno Winner Jack deKeyzer
guitarboyz.jpgBrian with Manitoba Hal, David Gillis, Norman Liota nuigrini-gladstone-rush-tamblyn-2.jpgBrian with Ron Nigrini, Tom Rush, and Ian Tamblyn


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