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I like the album because the singer never really took himself seriously, and just tells intelligent jokes around from the beginning all the way to the end with an instrumental breaks in the middle of the album, which are surprisingly good. I also love the cartoon-like sound of the album.

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This is a marvelous folk rock/country rock album with a sharp sense of humor that never failed to gain some smiles and chuckles.

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Gladstone is an imaginative and intuitive songwriter and a natural storyteller, unrestrained by conventional limitations.

Reprinted from 'Report on Pop Culture'

Brian is one of those performers, just like the ones I used to watch and listen to all those years 1
1ago. One guy and a guitar, writing songs that try and change the world. Brian’s style encompasses bluegrass blues, Celtic, authentic country, and host of other root-based genres.

Duggup AustraliaThatch

I love the guitar playing, I love the ironic and thought provoking lyrics, I love the sincerity and precision ( a rare combination), so give it a listen.
Highly Recommended

Duggup Australia Reviews Brian Gladstone on January 29th2009

Psychedelic Pholk Songs is a breath of fresh air, an honest album by a real musician

Reprinted from 'Report on Pop Culture'

Along with his uniquely quirky vocal delivery and sometimes overly verbose lyrics, he has a knack for incorporating his droll sense of humour into songs like “Office Tower Blues”, “Wally’s Pre-Owned Automobiles”, “Couch Tomato” and “Nag”.

Dianne WellsThe 705 ReportHamilton, Ontario, Canada

Brian Gladstone is a singer/songwriter to keep tabs on, when pop culture swings back to simplicity, his name is going to be on everyone’s lips.

http://Indiecator, July 2007

Brian has done it again – he’s given the world a CD chocked full of songs that make music fun and entertaining again.


Actually, this CD takes its place right beside one of my old favourites, John Prine. Specifically the guitar work kind of reminds me of John Prine’s effortless fingerpicking backed by the late Steve Goodman, specifically on Souveniers.

Norm NelsonToronto Community NewspaperToronto Canada

Never afraid to test boundaries, Brian Gladstone's music appeals to a wide range of listeners including traditional country fans and the bluegrass, blues and folk communities.   Recently signed to the American label Silverwolf Records from Vermont, USA. (Kingston Trio, Odetta, Kerville Festival Texas USA) Gladstone plans to take his music to the United States and continue making inroads in Canadian and European markets.

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Gladstone is definitely a great guitar player.

Jane Eamon

 Brian Gladstone's fingerpicking makes his guitar ring out beautifully, and his comical lyrics bring smiles to one's lips — 

Toronto Sun

While the music of Brian Gladstone may make comfortable listening, many of the songs carry a seditious undertone that wants not to prick the listener’s conscience but to seduce it

Bob Bossin

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Brian Gladstone's 'A Time for New Beginnings' CD album has 14 songs to remind us of our past, present and where we are headed. If you like Folk and ballads, this album is for you, and no one does it better than this Canadian GREAT! I have DJS waiting to give it a quick review and start spinning it on radio worldwide.

Ed KingEntertainment News, Country and Western CornerSanta Fe, Texas

Brian credits his success to a positively charged resolve and says that, despite some predictable moments of self doubt, “it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t succeed.”


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His a1bility to communicate the wacky and smirking side of living in his lyrics is quite honest and conscious and supplemented by a youthful Bob Dylan-esque voice that sounds a little repressed and mushed from living life as it ought be lived. Charming.


….  this CD has its own totally original vibe, very successfully transposing the best of the that 60s/hippy-ish feel to the 21st century. Like Prine, it’s got some nice harmony regularly floating in as well.


Norm NelsonEast York Beaches Mirror Newspaper

Brian Gladstone for me over his career has some elements which I consider a bit of wrong, but not in a (too) negative sense. First of all he has all qualities of being a hippie (like believing in peace and in peace songs : he even published a compilation under this subject, a collection from various wishing-(all)-well characters), but at the same time he most often doesn’t sound like a real hippie.

Gerald Van WaesEurope

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