This sign was very visible on many eating and retail establishments as I was growing up. I was very ANTI-SHIRT, and ANTI-SHOES. We staged many protests and always clashed with the pro-shirts, pro-shoes, and of course the law.
Of course the modern version of the sign includes ‘NO VACCINATION’
Now the stakes are much higher. I have my two vacs, and I always carry my certificate of vaccination. I will not enter a venue that allows the unvaccinated.
There is no cure for ‘Stupid’
On some level, I think persons with no vac are nature’s way of thinning out the herd. Just natural evolution taking place before our eyes. Its survival of the fittest, and the sick and weak will no longer be sending their genetics into future generations. Inevitably this will make surviving humans a healthier species.
Brian Gladstone sits in with Brother Howard April 5th, Tranzac Club
Live Streaming from the Freetimes Cafe Sept 9
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