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Sometime Life Gets in the Way of Life

All of my performances will be cancelled till mid July 2017. This is a pic of me getting discharged, in good spirits and of course clad in tie dies! The Xray is a before and after shot. There inserted a pin in my femur secured with some screws.

So now I will trigger scanning devices for life. The other Xray is blurry, and the trained eye quickly spots four breaks. The last pic is unrelated and shows my Achilles heel – its the tropical sunburn that results from failing to put sun screen on my ankles.

Undergoing daily physio, and looking forward to coming home at the end of May. I wont be performing for a few months while I undergo physio. 

Dr. B's Season Finale July 29, 2017
Just Announced - June 3, 2017 with David Essig

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