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Dr. B’s Season Finale July 29, 2017

Join us for the season finale of  Dr. B’s Acoustic Medicine Show 2017 Season Finale July 29th, 2017. 

Every Saturday at the Freetimes Cafe at 1:00 in the Afternoon. Note new start time is 1 PM formerly 2 PM.

Join us for an intimate afternoon of great acoustic music, every Saturday. We want to create a place for artists, friends, and fans to hang out. 

Players Wanted Sign Up starts at 1:00
Come Out to Hear The Great Music
Come out to Meet Your Friends
Come Out to Play Some Tunes
The Room: It’s a good listening room filled with creative energy to enjoy some great music, and a place for artists to come out to meet their friends.

Who Can Sign Up to Play: All artists welcomed. Come in and put your name on the sign-up sheet to reserve your spot.
What: Saturday Sessions at the Swan is an artist’s stage, open to all.

When: Every Saturday. Music Starts at 1:00.
Where: Freetimes Cafe, 320 College St., Toronto, M5T-1S3 416-967-1078

Great Day at Dr. B's Acoustic Medicine Show
Sometime Life Gets in the Way of Life

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