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Celebrating Pete Otis

Celebrating Pete Otis

Jun 5, 2019

Celebrating Pete OtisLocation – Jasper Dandy at 725 Queen Street just east of Broadview

I’m thrilled to be playing this Sunday to celebrate the life of my late great friend, Pete Otis. See you there!

Just five days until The Songs of Pete Otis! If you knew or knew of Pete, please come and pay tribute with us. Nice bright venue, the Jasper Dandy at 725 Queen Street just east of Broadview; pub space and the full performance room space, with a fantastic line-up of Pete’s musical friends from his SongTown years and earlier. Thanks to everyone participating by performing, including Harpin Norm Lucien Glen Hornblast Fernando Curcione Sebastian Agnello Michael Bär Paul Polisano Darwin Bruce Gary Orbit Steve Raiken Arlo Burgon Boris Buhot Peter Verity HOTCHA! Beverly Kreller Patrick Little Hap Roderman Rob Kirkpatrick David Morrison Ed Michael Roth Paul Panayotou Linda Goldman Brian Gladstone George Olliver Debbie Fleming Nicole Dunn It’s a Pete Otis festival, with at least seven of Pete’s own songs being performed, and some brand new Pete Otis songs in a tribute video produced by his son Paul. Come and meet and mingle, move between the rooms, check out the menu and the great atmosphere. $10 at the door to cover the costs. Sound by Kevin Gould; poster art by Gary 17; more news to share by showtime. We’ll make the scene.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from Paul Cross
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