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B’Arlo Palooza 6 at the Swan

B’Arlo Palooza 6 at the Swan

Jun 2, 2019

A great B’Arlopalooza 6 in the 6ix! Shout out to all the fans who came and watched, the Black Swan staff who served us, Jen Arima and Kevin Gould who look after the sound and all the musicians who performed and made the day a fun and entertaining musical ride through the Folk music that inspired a generation! Sebastian Agnello, Kat Goldman, Alan McKinlay, Stephen CourtFernando CurcioneIsaakBonkDougal Bichan,Paul CrossBrian Gladstone,Harpin Norm Lucien, Trevor Jones, Glen Hornblast,Bob CohenBrian Pickard, Marta Petelycky and Rick Bauer. (Hope I didn’t miss anyone)… And who can forget the behind the scenes organisation by Suzanne, my darlin’ wife! As you can imagine, there are many little things that need to be done, thank you! Not just unofficial photographer, uber driver, decorator, roadie etc, but also our biggest fan! 

Arlo and I are always so impressed with how things ran, everyone was so professional which makes it easier to run these little festivals. Feel free to suggest a theme for the next one

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