Will resume in the fall!

We will be taking a break for the summer, as I need to take a few months away to pursue some other artistic endeavours. I will be recording my new album over the summer, booking lots of local shows, and hopefully lining up my summer tour.

Saturday May 10th – Come out and play some tunes or come out to just enjoy the music

Join us for an intimate afternoon of great acoustic music, for the next two Saturdays. We want to create a place for artists, friends, and fans to hang out.

Players Wanted Sign Up starts at 2:00

Come Out to Hear The Grswanposterloreseat Music

Come out to Meet Your Friends

Come Out to Play Some Tunes

The Room: It’s a good listening room filled with creative energy to enjoy some great music, and a place for artists to come out to meet their friends.

Who Can Sign Up to Play: All artists welcomed. Come in and put your name on the sign-up sheet to reserve your spot.

What: Saturday Sessions at the Swan is an artist’s stage, open to all.

When: Every Saturday. Music Starts at 2:00.

Where: Black Swan, 154 Danforth Ave, Toronto M4K-1N1

Saturday Sessions Resumes in September
This Week at the Swan
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