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Happy Spring in December

Happy Spring in December

Dec 4, 2015

Happy Spring Everyone! Hard to believe it’s December, and my thermal underwear is still packed away from last year. Now that Black Friday has come and gone, I am officially declaring tomorrow Dec 5 as ‘Psychedelic Psaturday’, and will be sporting my cosmis hand-painted Gibson Starburst at the new and improved Dr. B’s Acoustic Medicine Show at Free Times Cafe.

It’s new ’cause now we have a house guitar for any players sans instrumentation, and it’s definitely improved ’cause my great friend Harpin Norm Lucien will be sharing the hosting with me. So you get two spaced-out guys for the price of none. It’s an open stage, it’s a jam, it’s a nosh fest, but most of all it’s a community of like minded artists and fans who have never lost touch with their roots. See you on the morrow.

Brian Gladstone playing at Winterfolk showcase Jan 16 at Acoustic Harvest
Freetimes Cafe 35th Anniversary - Dec 15

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