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Circle with 3 Corners Will Provide Great Strumming Tonight


Reprinted from Toronto Moon Magazine

by Gary17 Toronto Moon Magazine -Three-fourths of the superstar six-string group Guitar Boys of Alderon will be on display tonight “in the round” in Durham as the new inter-regional songwriters showcase series hosted by Boris Buhot returns to Simcoe Blues & Jazz in Oshawa.

In The Round Dec 4I’ve written many times about the fingerstyle magic that songwriters Brian Gladstone and Tony Quarrington weave when they perform as a duo, and on several occasions have also extolled the writing and playing prowess of Noah Zacharin. The three, along with “Tin Pan Man” Mr. Rick Zolkower also for some time comprised the four-piece GBoA combo, which may or may not be extant, not having performed as a unit in about a year or so.

Though Zolkower will be absent, the other three members of that memorable quartet will gather to share their tunes and accompany one another for the Masters In The Round edition of the show starting in the club at 926 Simcoe St. North at 8 p.m. Cover is pay-what-you-can.

Gladstone, by the way, won’t be hosting his new weekly Saturday afternoon open stage at Free Times Café this weekend –he’s taking a one-week break.

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