Wally’s Pre Owned Automobiles

Wally's pre owned automobiles

You come back for the deals

Buy a green sedan on the instalment plan

Don't forget to count all the wheels


This one's a real beauty

With a coat of tutti-frutti

He's kept her in the garage

For thirty years,

Cobwebs on her heart

She just needs a jump start

She can take you anywhere she used to be.


He's a used car sales guy

Cover the details guy

Hide the paper trail

He'll sell you mom and apple pie

A new car wannabe

Doesn't like reality

He'll sell anything you want to be.


From his leisure suit of green

He sends you to the bank machine

He's made a sale today

Fed his ego and his pay

Smiling and a grinning

Lying and a sinning

He's got a special deal for you today

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