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The Flags of Freedom



The Stars and Stripes blow free

On the roof tops of Baghdad

B15s fly circles

In the skies like Galahad

Everybody's hungry

And the water is shut off

I don't know the enemy

It's so hard to be free.


Came upon an immigrant

So weary from the road

His hands were worn his faith was torn

A tale he did unfold

Settled here twelve years ago

He wanted civil rights

Again his flag fell to the ground

He don't know who to fight.


Show me a peace sign

Help me to be free

Let the ground on which I walk

Stretch to eternity

If I wake to find a door

Lock away my dreams

Fly the flags of Freedom at half-mast

Till every man is free.


Give me democracy

And light my eyes to see

Let the sails of liberation

Set a course for me

Show me no injustice

And I'll give back dignity

I don't know where we went wrong

We all need to be free.

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