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Psychedelic Pholk Psongs Goes To Second Pressing   Things are Looking good for Canadian Country Artist Brian Gladstone – Silverwolf Records Re-Releases Brian Gladstone's Second Album After Studio Makeover and Re-Master.

Brian Gladstone is a finger-picking guitar master, a dynamic lyricist, a philosophical story-teller and a powerful performer.   After releasing his first album "Back to the Dirt" in 1999, Gladstone quickly gained worldwide attention as the album attracted significant global airplay – especially in Europe and Australia.  Now Gladstone's musical career has continued its natural evolution with another all-acoustic offering entitled 'Psychedelic Pholk Psongs', which was originally released in September 2001.

Never afraid to test boundaries, Brian Gladstone's music appeals to a wide range of listeners including traditional country fans and the bluegrass, blues and folk communities.   Recently signed to the American label Silverwolf Records from Vermont, USA. (Kingston Trio, Odetta, Kerville Festival Texas USA) Gladstone plans to take his music to the United States and continue making inroads in Canadian and European markets. In Canada, Gladstone showcased at Canadian Music Week in 2001 and was included on the History of Canadian Music website that year.  He maintains a steady presence on the Toronto live music scene, and voluntarily organizes an annual multi-performer benefit concert for Earthday Canada, a reflection of his strong environmental sense. 



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