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Orange Juice Song

Suns Up
Today’s Begun
The crystal squints of the morning dew
Are moaning Get out of Bed to You
As your blood shot slits meet the morning
You are not aware of its warning

Orange Juice
Let’s you loose
The purple tulips on the lawn
Tremble with your goodbye yawn
As you stumble the sides walk to work
By Main St. you/’re starting to perk

Coffee break you’re on the way
It’s just like any other day
Friday comes to deliver your pay
You’ll blow it in the same damn way

Five o’clock
Time to go
The perspiration on your brow
Has dribbled past your knees by now
Check your fly roll down your sleeves
Mumble Goodbye as you make your leave

Senses dull
You step off the curb but a moment too soon
The clatter of a garbage truck was banging your tune
It honked then it shrugged gibing warning
That you’d never see another morning
No you’d never see another morning
No you’d never see another morning 

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