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Office Tower Blues

I wake up in the morning

Take the 8:15 to town

I walk the walk and talk the talk

When everyone's around

But from nine to five

I count the seconds and the bucks

I used to like my job here

But now I think it really sucks


The sales guys are sleazy

And they have it way too easy

Taking two-day lunches on their hunches

With the buyer babes

I can see them though the window

As I collate my life,

I leave everyone on hold

So my coffee won't get cold.


I've got the office tower blues

I read the office tower news

And on Friday I go dancing

In my office blue suede shoes

When I think about tomorrow

It's the same as yesterday

I just party on the weekend

Drink my office tower pay.


I'm work ethic denied

They've locked me here inside

My office only has three walls

They build it down the hall

Too much starch in my white collar

I'm just trying to make a dollar

I try never to be seen

I'm just a cog in the machine.


I'm oxygen deprived

They make the air inside

It's full of Legionnaires disease

I go home if I sneeze

Ive got rubber necking plants

Filled with artificial ants

I don't want to get promoted

But with bad work there's a chance

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