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Norm’s Living Room

In memory of my great friend and everyone's mentor Norm Hacking – the song will written while he was alive, and is a tribute to him always.

Norm's Living Room – This is the story behind the song,  or you can Skip to the Lyrics:

Brian Gladstone had the honor to play the closing song — on the last evening of Norm Hacking's Living Room at the Tranzac club. (June 2, 2001)

Norm Hacking is a critically acclaimed folk singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who has been a determinedly independent musician for more than twenty five years.

OPEN STAGES and "NORM'S LIVING ROOM" CONCERTS – Norm is also a warm and caring person, well known for the support and encouragement he gives fellow artists, including those just getting started. He started his first open stage (at Toronto's Silver Dollar) a dozen years ago.

Currently he is running a popular high-quality open stage every Tuesday at the Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto (between Spadina and Bathurst, just south of Bloor; for more detailed directions, click here). October 24, 2000 marked the first anniversary of Norm's Tranzac open stage. Songwriters are invited to drop in – sign-up starts at 8pm. A sound system and keyboard are supplied. Listeners are needed, too! No cover – a basket is passed for the feature performer.

"Norm's Living Room" is every Saturday, also at the Tranzac and no cover. Norm and musical friends perform separately and together, with a feature artist having a longer set. The "Living Room" celebrated its first anniversary on January 27, 2001.

Both evenings attract talented perfomers and have developed a real sense of community. See Norm at the Tranzac Page for details, including upcoming feature artists.
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This is a listing in the Tranzac Club Newsletter, June 2001:
The Final Norm's Living Room –

OUR LAST SATURDAY AT THE TRANZAC (Saturday June 2, 2001): On Saturday John Jackson, our feature performer had a wonderful set of original songs, and was accompanied by the lovely dobro of Stephen Miller, who also played one of his instrumental dobro tunes (he has a CD "Dobrology").

Reinforcing that you never know who will drop into Norm's Living Room – we had a really special surprise set of songs from Brent Titcomb. Kevin Bell (who was the first Norm's Living Room guest in January 2000), joined our feature artists accompanying Norm's set of songs, most chosen from his unrecorded work – lovely set.

The very last song of the Saturday series was a new song "Norm's Living Room" by Brian Gladstone, the flying-fingers blues player/writer who has been at Norm's evenings fairly regularly the last few months. Brian was prepared with lyric sheets so the audience could sing along – a very appropriate Saturday ending for the fine community Norm has created.
Written by Shirley Gibson, manager of Norm Hacking, in the Newsletter, June 2001.
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That's the story. These are the lyrics:

Brian Gladstone

Come in from the cold my friend
Rest your weary feet
Our music’s in the air tonight
It flows down Brunswick Street
The writers and the singers
Beneath the stars and moon
Sing out their songs for your applause
In Norm’s Living room

Long beard and worn out face
He drifts away in doubt
Melodies are hard to find
When the lyrics are worn out
And all the old song writers
Pass the pens on to the youth
Their words will carry on the truth
In Norm’s living room

Play it for me one last time
Before I have to go
Let me sing it with you now
We can turn the light down low
Send me on a journey
That all folk singers know
Let the music travel through my veins
It takes me where I go

He charges up the microphone
And he fills it with his light
And if he tells you ‘Do One More’
You can be a star tonight
All the young songwriters
Learn there from the old
It’s the circle’s orbit energy
In Norms living room

And now the room is silent
Guitars inside their case
Still the music rings inside my ears
Folk songs fills the space
The writers and the singers
Smile to hear his tunes
So proud to be the ones who shared
In Norms living room.

Play it for me one last time
Before I have to go
Let me sing it with you now
We can turn the light down low
Send me on a journey
That all folk singers know
Let the music travel through my veins
It takes me where I go

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