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It's such a drag when you're with me
Momma listen to me now
I do believe it's time to go

Is so migraine when you touch me
Momma you're too much see
You gotta leave me on my own.

Don't you try to stop me now
Its time for you to drop me
Let me out of the Vulcan death grip
Untie and deny me your affection come rejection
You gotta let me be cant you see.

Yours is insane when you're near me
Baby its clear to me
I need a new lobotomy

It's so mundane when you're near me
Momma don't you hear me now
Unwind your bind and let me be.

There's a special love for you my dear
That fades away when you're not here
Selective memory I believe
There will come a day when you'll be on your way
I can't miss you until you leave.

So full of strife and contention
Momma not to mention
Nagging me all the time

Is so much less when Im napping
Happy don't happen
Momma it's just a crime

Keep it up and dog me round
Build me up and tear me down
Minutes are hours and hours are days
Our home life is a psycho haze.

Its just drags by when you're talking
This guy's walking
Let me be on my way

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