cdsYes that’s right I’m moving, there is lots of stock,  and I would rather sell them than move them!


CD’s are $10.00 ea or Bundle of 4 for $30.00 includes personal autograph

Shipping added to order – will send to Canada or USA, or you can pick them up at my weekly Saturday show at the Black Swan

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Back to the Dirt 1999

Debut CD – Signed to Comstock Records

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Alive & Picking 2001 Recorded Live at Convocation Hall

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Psychedelic Pholk Psongs 2003

Signed to Silverwolf Records

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A Time for New Beginnings  2006

Latest and Greatest

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Back To The Dirt is the title of the amalgamation of acoustic fingerpicking and storytelling …  Guitarists will appreciate Gladstone’s talents for fingerpicking and acoustic flat picking while enjoying his creative and insightful lyrics about modern day topics–delivered with the sounds of the ’60s… A true acoustic treat. Reprinted from Guitar 9 Magazine
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This dizzying, dazzling display of country-flavoured, almost funky, folk music is a superb live recording of well-chosen tracks from his debut and follow-up CDs, Back to the Dirt and Psychedelic Pholk Psongs – I’d forgotten how wonderfully Canadian his music is! Reprinted from  ‘Rockin the Blues’ by Dianne Wells Read More …

 Rated 5 Stars by ICMA (International Country Music Assn) Canada’s Brian Gladstone is doing some amazing finger picking on this funny, inventive album—maybe the best folk album that I ever heard. I grew up on folk music, and Brian Gladstone is in that room with the big boys like Woody himself. Reprinted frm Scratch Magazine

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This CD takes its place right beside one of my old favourites, John Prine. Specifically the guitar work  …  Having said that, this CD has its own totally original vibe, very successfully transposing the best of the that 60s/hippy-ish feel to the 21st century. Like Prine, it’s got some nice harmony regularly floating in as well. From Toronto Community News
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