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A good night for Roots at Danforth & Broadview

James Sloan left]; Brian Gladstone -17

James Sloan left]; Brian Gladstone -17

Monday Sept 16,2013 – If you’re a fan of Roots music or a performer of that persuasion (and really, what isn’t “Roots” music or at least related to/derived from it, when you think of it?) then you want to get yourself to Danforth Ave. just east of the corner of Broadview Ave. on Monday, Sept. 16. For starters there are three regular weekly live music events taking place within a long spit of one another: pre-eminent and longest lasting is Julian Taylor’s weekly open mic jam at Dora Keogh, 141 Danforth. With Taylor kicking off proceedings each week around 9:30 and a talented feature act at 10 —and lately a drum kit and keyboard also available for performers— this event has it all. Taylor, who rocketed to acclaim with his Staggered Crossing band around the turn of the millennium, continues to produce great original music now spanning the genres of Roots, Pop, Reggae and Dance, and he has a slew of talented and several quite famous friends who occasionally drop in. Prices ain’t cheap at the Dora and the stools are ridiculously Irish-sized small, but there’s no tv, the sound is great, staff personable and the music is always stellar. And tonight, Canadiana songwriter James Sloan is doing the feature performance. He promises a mix of his own originals, many of which do have a Canada-centric theme (wonder if he was one about religious tolerance for Quebec yet?) and well known tunes you can bop along to. If you haven’t heard him lately, do come check him out. There’s a good chance he’ll have some accompaniment, possibly from Harpin’ Norm Lucien and/or others. Across the street at 154 Danforth Ave., meanwhile, with regular Monday night Black Swan host Sebastian Agnello still recovering from a surgical procedure, Winterfolk Festival executive director and founder Brian Gladstone (who’s also soon starting up a monthly show at Moonshine Café in Oakville) will be filling to run the open stage. Now Brian won’t say this but I happen to know that with Winterfolk preparations starting to gear up, he’s always scouting out talent for booking into festival slots. Formal auditions for the festival don’t start until November (there are four this year: two at Black Swan, two at Moonshine) but it sure won’t hurt your chances to get him familiar with your material at this event, which starts at 9:30. Old Nick at 123 Danforth Ave. also, btw, presents the weekly M Factor Mondays showcase with host Elana Harte. Check the listings post for more details.

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