Jamie Lynn

I can see through her smoked screened body
Cause the sight lines change with the seasons
Her perimeter protection
Helps the emotional deflection
The silver fox has lost his fear
He comes too close to man
But Jamie Lynn lives deep within
The fault lines of her own reasons.
She can watch you through swirled glass
She can perceive you on the ground
Jamie Lynn sees you close the door
And leave without making a sound.
How long are your emotions babe
As far as your dreams can reach
Her essence carries in the breeze
When it whispers from Blue Water Beach
She’ll cut you with her diamond mind
And you can bleed upon her floor
She may choose to heal your soul
She knows you come back for more
She sees life through a prism
But she cannot find the start
Jamie Lynn hides deep within
Long shadows trapped in her heart.
She will wait for you in a crowded room
Sitting alone in the dark
She wrote to you how to reach her there
Telling of colors and all her landmarks
Through her purple Victorian perception
And not the distance and the direction
So she cannot stay for very long
And she keeps on moving her home
She can take your gold and blame the wind
And all the bad men that’s she’s known
Jamie Lynn thinks she’s down on her luck
She’s just reaping the life she has sown
Her mind wanders back to a little girl
Running bare foot on the grass
Sand on the beach betrays her toes
Dries up and falls into the past
But she never knew what they wanted
She tried but she just couldn’t please
So she built a ledge for everything
But sand castles just never last
Then she told the rules to everyone
As the wind on the wing still in flight
She filled the ledge and lives on the edge
The little girl still cries at night 
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