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I’ll Try

Who's going to love you now?
That your whole world has tumbled to the ground
And who's going to kiss your sweet pretty lips,
When your smile lies in waiting to be found.
I'll try.

Who's going to hold your lily-white hand,
When your dreams are washed up on the shore.
And who's going to know the deepness in your mind
I hear your words but your body tells me more.

I don't like what they've done to you
I don't like how they lied
It's hard to know the enemy
When they live with us inside

And who's going to help you now
Lift the shattered pieces from the frozen snow
And who's going to heal the wounds that cut so deep
And sew up every chasm as we go.
I'll try.

Oh I want to be with you
Sail away in stormy seas
You know I need to be with you
Baby, can't you see


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