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Selected Fanmail from 2000 – 2005

Best Mail of 2003:
FROM: Buster <cbd@vallnet.com>
Brian, we're glad you're back on Stardust Compilation #44..! The live cut, "Asphalt Cowboy", turned out great!
Colonel Buster Doss, President, Stardust Records

FROM: Heidi Little littleheidiband@hotmail.com
DATE: Tue, 16 Sep 2003
Hello Brian!! I was just doing a check through the internet and I saw the write up about your Earth Day celebration!! A)thankyou! B)Thankyou! C)Thankyou!! I just returned home from a tour across Western Canada, and the forests were on fire….it was at times depressing and at other times it felt like it needed to be done, so much dead brush from clear cutting you could see were it had killed the natural order of things. Anyway, thank you, the publicity has not been on it as much in the last few years, so we need a cultural thing to bring it back to the mind set of today…. I want to play music everyday of my life. www.canadiancreative.com

FROM: "Valerie Baxter" – ValerieFB@ozemail.com.au
Hi there Brian – I played Asphalt Cowboy last Saturday and several other tracks on my show … its to good to learn that you have some songs on Stardust, great exposure for you too and I'm sure it will be well received.
Bye – Valerie, Community radio Station 2XX, Canberra, Australia

FROM: "Quinte Spirit Festival Chair Person" <quintespirit@hotmail.com>
I wish I could have made it. Hats off to Brian for sticking to his vision! Peace, Steve Medd www.quintespirit.ca

FROM: "Quinte Spirit Festival Chair Person" <quintespirit@hotmail.com>
Hi Brian,
Your words I can relate to having encountered my own share of roadblocks and
cynicism from time-to-time while trying to bring out the "spirit" in the
Quinte Spirit Festival and sincerely make a difference. Offbase criticism
can certainly knock the steam out of anybody…there have been many times I
felt the deflation of such comments and actions. I can see from your
thoughts below you've got the spirit to make a difference.
From one spirit to another
Peace, Love and Sunshine!
Steve Medd

FROM: Per.Kristian.Rodal@toll.no
Psychedelic pholk songs – .
It's a very special album, somewhere between folk and country, and lyrics
that make people think(at least me). Great melodies as well. Favorite songs
: "Uncle John" and "A Father's Lullaby".
With regards, Per K. Rodal, Norway

FROM: "peterco" <peterco@sci.net.au>
Brian, this is a very different album to any I have heard in my 35yrs as a broadcaster for country music, your Guitar licks are great, your vocals are great — yes we do hear heaps of trash on CD-Baby these days — for this album it lies in a rating of 4 **** Stars. Brian as an indie artist you are great, we will have you on prime time for one month, and have you feature artist at that time, this will start in August 1st for the whole month. All the best Brian, we have also been on your website last night, and got a great buzz out of it Pres/Dir; Dave Peters, CEO. Radio F.M.Country 97.4 FM 24hr Country. The Worldwide C.D. Distribution Network

Your band was really tight tonight. Tony's guitar pickin' nicely complements your flying fingered guitar work and Bonnie's harmonies add a special dimension to your vocals. Just read the FolkWax article on your website: congratulations on a fine article and amazing success in just three years! Terry Hart – Acoustic Guitarist http://www.mp3.com/TerryHart

FROM: "Sonny Ochs" <sonnyo@midtel.net>
Hey Brian, Looks good! Really like the website! Very brave to do a festival in January! At least it's indoors! Good luck with it! Regards, Sonny Ochs

FROM: Rebrobby@aol.com
Hi Brian, thanks so much for taking time to get back to me, that little voice inside kept telling me to go ahead and e-mail you, I'm very glad I did. You are a REAL person and caring musician. It is so refreshing and rare. I will follow up on the articles and website you recommended So once again THANKS and sending blessings to you and yours, Peace, Jerry

FROM: Lionel_Teed@TD.COM
Hey, some of the words used in those reviews also speak to your card playing!

FROM: "Few'll Ignite Sound" <ember@emberswift.com>
Hi Brian, Hope life is going well… Just thought I'd drop some good vibes into y

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