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Hall of Fame Emails

FROM: "Jack de Keyzer" jackdekeyzer@rogers.com
Hi Brian:
I hope all is well. Thank you for the new CD A Time For New
Beginnings. It's been warming me up on some long cold drives. I love "Song
for Everyone" It's a hit in my parade!  Continued success and all the best to
you and your family this Holiday season and 2006.

From: jesse jo 
Hey brian
I enjoy your music and lyrics and am your all time fan – like that of pink flyod, cohen, mark  knoffler (tho not his "dictatorial" style -) 
I`m more of a laid back lass and like to take it easy most times. I enjoy computers and I`m now working on  acquiring one but that's taking awhile…in the meantime I am listening to all kinds of music, Doors, R.E.M, Indian ones. Bangalore  is a lovely place and I`m so addicted to it that I find it difficult to move on even when I want to, or have to and even when the  vibrations around are not exactly conducive.
I've given up smoking Kaya completely (used to smoke about 10 whole joints or more a day until recently – a miracle really) – now just a tipper with a mexi-friend who drops in now and then. I`m on a all time high naturally – going herbal mostly tho like my chiken  pot pie sometimes at the casa picolas here.
Been with NGOs looking at the negative side of life- (I`m too vulnerable for that even tho I have lived in dire straits meself –  can't handle it anymore and staying at home right now suits me fine and thinking of mountains, oh mountains so high – remember  whitney houston"s number? (like at Nepal, the roof of the world, myidea of paradise, not to work but to walk, slide, fly for the  sheer pleasure – 
I`m an ice maiden (now see- and ) too long, like your children in the snow, street kids and everything and now want a positive  peaceful time – the magical mushrooms around will give me all I need – tried that one? for your next CD pscychedic folk songs –  I could send you graphics if you want and anything else from my experience – incidentally I had a couple of them  growing in my back yard (back to the dirt) which I've been testing out for myself and have you read the books on the sacred  mushrooms etc? Have you been to Kodai Kanal in India? Would like to take you – not too far from coimbatore – a wonderland  for me. Coimbatore is not my idea of fun as I wilt in the sun even tho an Indian – strange eh?
Around Nov. end my folks from Australia and Denmark are arriving and that's something to look forward to and I am hoping  to rise to the occasion at least health and sanity wise as just now I`m "down under" heavy weather (windmills of the Gods?)  – high on depression but more of that later – too much loving and losing – taken its toll on me but I can't help that, at that  is my nature – wonder how an ice maiden can make love? check it out.
In the meantime…lotsa love to you always – whatever you do – to quote Leonard Cohen, ‘you won't make me jealous nor will I try  any voodoo stuff on you’ – (not that I know of it practically except in theory) – spooks are alright in books and music form,  not in the flesh – can't handle it tho I have spooked too many since childhood and gets lotsa kicks doing it to others but not 
to be done to me – is that fair?
But then I`m so wrong, allright. bye for now and take care  love

FROM: "Quinte Spirit Festival Chair Person" <quintespirit@hotmail.com>
TO: brian@backtothedirt.com
Hi Brian,
Your words I can relate to having encountered my own share of roadblocks and
cynicism from time-to-time while trying to bring out the "spirit" in the
Quinte Spirit Festival and sincerely make a difference. Offbase criticism
can certainly knock the steam out of anybody…there have been many times I
felt the deflation of such comments and actions. I can see from your
thoughts below you've got the spirit to make a difference.
From one spirit to another
Peace, Love and Sunshine!
Steve Medd

Subject: …and… ….what were you doing at 4:30 a.m. today?  I  read some of your lyrics.  You write beautifully…but then you know that.  (…if you knew how hard it is to impress me thus, you'd be seriously honored by that assessment)…  I read Caren42 & Children Sleep in Snow, among others.  .  That you can saturate yourself in your art is rare privilege – one that I think you don't take lightly.  …i take you, where…the candles are lit, incense brews in the corner, leona boyd is playing greensleeves, and the whole house glows warm while another storm rages outside the window….ah, t'is nights like this that remind me how privileged my life is…..I see, Brian, that you are very comfortable with what you call the cosmic forces in your life. …listeners do now tend to be courteous people…..what treasures people waste that way…..very astute…….tell me, who, Brian, listens to you?
Susan the butterfly chick
Newfoundland, Canada

 – Hello my Friend 
I just wanted to tell you that I shared your CD with a friend of mine. He is
terminally ill, and your music made his heart glow and his sould sing. Music
is such a beautiful thing to share, and yours has to be some of the most
incredible talent that I have had the honor of experiencing. Thank you for
sharing this beautiful gift God has given you with us. You are truly a
virtuoso that no other can compare to. Love and fan forever,

Janet, California

From: Rivertrtle@aol.com
To: brian@backtothedirt.com 
hi, caren touched me, not only because i could relate to the words, but you can feel her spirit, she must be a wonderful person,  you have a very special gift to give the world. sometimes its hard to talk about ourselves, we get caught into everything we do and it consumes our lives, we lose our way, caren not only knows her gift now but every time the song is sung it is a conformation, to be materialized in the universe, so she will know on one level or the other 🙂 , perhaps one day when she goes to weave a tangled web again, it will not be so tangled, but she will weave something beautiful and it will be herself, thetas what i got out of it. it may be right or wrong but it is my perception, i wanted to share it w/ you. no need to explain the words, i understand, when i hear the thunder there is never a need to explain the lightning nor the way in its fury it seeks the earth, and in that there is such beauty, there is music and i feel your music must move people w/ the same level of passion, right or wrong my perception only.   there is a power in your words, they have moved me, i can only imagine

Hi, Interesting article. This guy really likes and appreciates you at a rather
sophisticated level. Cool! It's always good to have educated critics and
it's fun when they actually dig your work. Congratulations it's an
outstanding review. It really is such an incredible CD packed with so much…history, emotion, talent that it's almost difficult to take in all at once. I like to listen to a few songs, then just let them echo in my mind for a bit. Then later go back and listen again. I've a theory that some people can transmit a kind of energy, that can be
stored on a CD. I think you are one of them. Just have an open mind on this
for a moment and go with me here, just for fun. Think about the incredible,
INCREDIBLE, love and energy you put into this CD. Doesn't it make sense that
the energy would be transmitted to the listener? I mean being moved beyond
the lyrics and the music, to the pure energy involved.
With my program I am totally convinced that people will start feeling better
as soon as they open the lid. They don't even have to believe in this, it
will happen to them before the CD hits the drive.
Your CD is the same way, as soon as it came out of the package…gosh…I'm
kinda at a loss for words here (something that rarely happens to me). Well,
suffice it to say, you can feel your music and your message just holding your
CD. Really, I mean it. I think you already know this about yourself. I'm just confirming that you
are magical.  From: KZawodni@aol.com 
Again, congratulations on the excellent review. It is certainly well
deserved. I think this guys wants to be connected to you some how, he wants
to hang out with you. If you ever meet up with him, buy him a beer and give
him the favor of your company, it would make his day.
Have a lovely week.
Kate Z.

Sent: November 7, 2001 9:47 PM
Subject: Hello there Brian!
 Hello my friend! I am not sure if I wrote you upon receipt of your new
 CD. My memory has taken a real nose dive, so I am writing you again.

 Oh man, I really love this CD! It is also so cool that your sister sang
 backup vocals for you! I think your voice and mine would sound well
 together too. I was able to sing with your voice and our tones are very

I listen to your CD all of the time. It is unique, soothing, and it really taps at the heartstrings of my soul. It is so
 wonderful having a part of you around me all of the time even though you
 are so far away.

 I love your website! I see that you changed it a little. I love the page
 that has your face tiled on it. That page is awesome, and you can see
 your loving soul right through your eyes. Tonight my best friend is
 coming over for coffee and I will play your CD for us to enjoy and I
 will also be doing quite a bit of bragging about you!

 Love you always,


Subject: Re: Cover Story of TO-Nite Magazine
            I wanted to say I really enjoyed your set (was just there for a
 single set at the launch) I had to go to Ottawa early the next morning, just
 got back. I knew you were a good picker- just did'nt know you were that
 good. Sat in two different places at your gig with two old friends I hadn't
 seen in a while, Linda Saslove at the bar, and another gal over in the
 corner  who did'nt  know your stuff but was with her boyfriend who did know
 you.I like the songs from "Psychedelic", I picked up the cover story copy of
 you in TO Nite and congrats on the airplay. Your really following up on your
 project which is often the toughest part I think…for some folks,
 Congrats!!    Jim Layeux

From: "Steve Kaufman" <FLATPIK@compuserve.com
To: "Psychedelic Pfolk Psongs" <brian@backtothedirt.com
Sent: November 3, 2001 4:36 PM
Subject: Cover Story of TO-Nite Magazine

lookin good big guy. Congrats.

Bye for now,
Steve Kaufman

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