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Don Vally Parkway Blues


Driving Out of Toronto, in the Hot Noonday Sun,

I was pushing my VW on Highway 401

Passing trucks and lady bugs and having lots of fun

I was trying to reach a sandy beach before the day was done.

Then I incurred a car sickness that wasn't very kind,

Next time I Leave my swimming suit just hand there on the line.


I've got those Don Valley Parkway Blues,

From my head down to my shoes

I got stuck behind an eighteen hour line of nuts and screws.

I was sarcasted, flabergasted, claustrophobic too,

Well there aint too much that you can do

When you've got Don Valley Blues.


We had an arthritic cop

Who was waving us to stop,

He had cars in eight directions

All through the intersection.

It was a traffic jam to say the least,

But we had the best metro police,

To tell us not to get uptight,

We could start our cars tonight.


I had my picnic lunch along,

And a pen to write this song,

We played a little Frisbee

With my new friends good friends,

We were exhausted, sun accosted, tired and hungry too,

Bathing on the concrete beach

On the Don Valley Zoo.


It was about nightfall,

When we finally got the call,

They were closing all the exits

For construction till next fall.

We were homesteaders, come and getters, residents per say,

My home is a parking lot

On the Don Valley Parkway.

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