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Do You Think that You’re Dorothy ?

Do You Think that You’re Dorothy?
Does your world start and end
In black and white?
Can you see colors in the rainbow?
Narcissism twirls your prism
Spectrums unite
Then the whole world fades to white
Do you think Toto was your friend?
That cataclysmic double agent let you down
Before the end
Is the vernacular spectacular?
The yellow brick road needs to bend
To be alive
Or just survive ride the F5
No one liked the wicked witch she had no civic pride
From her broomstick wrote graffiti in the sky
The neighborhood could not pull through
The Land of Oz elected you
And they gave away a job they couldn’t do
You thought you walked with God on your side
So when she died the townsfolk never cried
If you click your heels together
Does it cleanse your sins forever?
They haunt you never
When you live above the clouds
Your dark side lies coiled deep inside
Poised to unwind
Oz is just a state of mind.
Does the witch live inside of you?
Blame her for the bad things you do
She’s in me too
Good and evil can mislead
A sweet young girl sent on wicked deeds
When she fulfills your needs
It matters not who bleeds

What is good and what is not you surely must decide
The witch was mean and ugly, that’s no crime
The wizard empowered you
In the unclear name of all things true
They said your were a hero when she died
But you became the witch at that time.
And the candy colored courtroom closed its eyes

So do You Think that You’re Dorothy?
Let the mirror look in your eyes
Put it back inside
So do you think that you’re Dorothy?
Very soon the pain will die
Don’t look back
Now the whole world fades to black.

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