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Couch Tomato


Early in the evening

Was the month of May

Just about twilight time

My phone starts ringing 

And the hormones are singing

Ive got a pretty babe on the line.

She said 'Hi Sunshine'

She was talking to me

Why don't you come for coffee?

When the kids are asleep

She's my sweetie couch tomato

And she really makes a man out of me

On my street

She's my Couch tomato oh so sweet.


On the lawn Sunday morning

All wet with the dew

Im talking to the ants on the fence

There's no mistaking

The boundaries I'm staking

I let her know where my turf ends

Brain waves are connecting

And my sonar is detecting

I see her through the window

Now Ive got her attention

She's my sweetie couch tomato

She lives next door to me

What a treat

She's my couch tomato oh so sweet


When it's late in the evening

On a moonlit night

And you're feeling kinda lonely at home

Get out and meet

All the babes on your street

Get a couch tomato of your own

Gives you a smile

Puts you the speed dial

She's your Honey for the evening

And she lives within a mile

Get a sweetie couch tomato

She can really make a man out you

And me too

She's a Couch tomato through and through

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