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Converstations With The Past


Sometimes she goes inside her mind

Eighty years she can't find

Just a distant shade of gray

Slowly fades away

There are no haunting memories

She doesn't have a history

Washed away with autumn leaves

In conversations with the past


Greyhound station at sunrise

In his torn grey suit and weary eyes

Drinking coffee from an old tin cup

Warms his hands on a paper fire

Drifting off to different days

His minds a million miles away

He let the good times slip away

In conversations with the past.


Oh time keeps moving on

Like a train out of control

As it rolls down to the valley

The hourglass of my soul

Oh you time worn traveler

Break free from the cast

As we sail onto the North Star

With our back turned to the past.


He lights one final cigarette

Blows smoke rings through the air

The chaplain says “be brave my son”

The lord is waiting there

Everything he's ever known

Is smoldering to ash

It cools and goes back to the dirt

In conversations with the past


Everything I’ve ever done

And all the times I've tried

Surround me like a winter storm

But the seasons fade and die

Changes are the ripples on

The sea of time so vast

But soon sink to the bottom

And fade away too fast.


She cries herself awake at night

The pain is too intense

Why did they have to take her child?

So young and innocent

To everything there is a time

But order is outcast

He is always by her side

In conversations with the past

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