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A Year In The Valley


A Year in the Valley

 He brings life to the valley

Green to the ground

Moon lights the forest

Summer fills the town


The wind will seduce you

Takes your sweet hand

Leads you to darkness

And makes a Stand ….


(Stand …) right next to me

Let me look beneath your eyes to see

Take you to the edge of reality

Oh babe take my hand

Let me find your sunshine

In the sand

Into a brave new land

I will love you


On the white hillside

Neath a blanket of ice

A rose lay suspended

Escaping from life.


The sunshine can find you

Burn through the snow

Life has great power

To renew and flow ….


(Flow …   ) out to the sea

Let the river cleanse us to be free

Let the current take us to eternity

Oh babe take my hand

The shoreline takes us to

The Promised Land

All at our command

I will love you


He will bring you red roses

Gifts from the breeze

Green to the valley

Rain from the seas


And on the green hilltops

Above the town

Spring lights the valley

A year comes around

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