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A Time For New Beginings


The mighty oak grows strong and tall

The leaves reach for the sky

Like matchsticks when the lightning strikes

They burn and quickly die

One hundred years of shadows

Have locked the sun away

It's A Time for New Beginnings

A flower grows today.


The monuments of steel and stone

They cannot hold our fate

They crumble like a house of cards

From missiles armed with hate

A young man's dreams are far too strong

His spirit can't be killed

It's a Time for New Beginnings

In our new world to rebuild.


We can use our voice to change the world

There is magic in our words

We can touch the earth we can watch the birds

In silence, yet be heard

Mothers teach your children

To walk barefoot on the land

It's a Time for New Beginnings

In a cosmic sort of plan


And now you look into my eyes

And everything's so clear

We're a moment lost in time somewhere

A second or a year

But we don't really matter

As we go our separate ways

It's a Time for New Beginnings

As we shape a better day.


Ten thousand oaks lay on the ground

Spring is in the air

Children play on sunny days

There’s stardust everywhere

And everybody did their part

And everyone survived

It's a Time for New Beginnings

A time to be alive.

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