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Save The Wolverine

Theres a black whole in the forest
Where the wolverine did play
There’s no sunshine in the forest
I saw him yesterday
Mankind becomes the predator
Wolverines the prey
There’s a black hole in the forest
I cannot find my way
I cant see where Im going
But I know where Ive been
Let nature rule the forest
Cry for the Wolverine

There’s concrete in the forest
The trees grow through the streets
How can I find my way?
With no dirt beneath my feet
Sometimes I feel ashamed
I don’t know what to say
Theres a black plague in the forest
And it erodes life away
Theres a madman in the forest
He moves like gangrene
Its time to heal the forest
Weep for the Wolverine

It’s a dark day in the forest
Carnivores on the prowl
Death runs through the forest
The wind begins to howl
The hunter is the hunted
The balance is upset
There a time warp in the forest
With a little time left yet
There’s a backdoor to this tomb
Not yet still born in our womb
Use our power change the scene
We can save the Wolverine.


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