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Flashing Before My Eyes

All the people in my life

Are flashing before my eyes

I know its really them inside

I can see through their disguise

They change their hair

And they change their face

And sometimes they’re alive

They can’t seem to remember me

What’s the point to die?


All the faces in my life

Are shining beyond their fears

Sharing lessons learned before

Genius behind their tears

Laws of physics

And the rules of life

So carefully intertwined

Their dreams to build a better world

Were clearly undermined.



We built the tombs at Karnac

Carved lotus flowers into stone

We were knights in armor on horseback

We fought for Caesar’s Rome

I remember oh so well

The first time I saw you

Another place in time my dear

Whatever’s old is new.


All the stories in my life

Keep revolving every day

The victims and the heroes change

But themes just stay the same

The sidewalk scenes

In the magazines

And the death dreams in the park

Perhaps I just imagined it.

When I close my eyes its dark.


All the channels in my life

Are fine-tuned to receive

I haven’t learned to transmit yet

I don’t own what they need

Sending cosmic energy

On a summer solar breeze

They etch the words unto my page

Magnetic symphonies.


We sailed across the oceans

Built tall ships with our bare hands

We armed the dove of peace with lace

And ventured forth-new lands

We showed our children love and peace

Truth can set us free

Another place in time is now

As we carve our destiny.

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