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From: "sueanddwight" <sueanddwight@sympatico.ca>  


Hi Brian –


I just read the feature about you today's Toronto Star. Awesome! What an inspiring story…I love it when people follow their dreams!


All the best this weekend.





FROM: "Jack de Keyzer" <jackdekeyzer@rogers.com>

TO: "Brian Gladstone" <brian@backtothedirt.com>

DATE: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 18:28:00 -0500

RE: Jack de Keyzer Hit Parade

Hi Brian:

I hope all is well. Thank you for the new CD A Time For New

Beginnings. It's been warming me up on some long cold drives. I love "Song

for Everyone" It's a hit in my parade!  Continued success and all the best to

you and your family this Holiday season and 2006.



FROM: David <dgillis@vaxxine.com>

TO: Brian Gladstone <brian@backtothedirt.com>

DATE: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 00:05:55 -0500

Hi Brian,

Good work on your CD, I'm glad to see your using your music to spread positive energy to the world.

You got a real knack for writing accesable material with some nifty guitar playing.

Cudos Brian!



FROM: Tannis Slimmon <tslimmon@uoguelph.ca>

TO: Brian Gladstone <brian@backtothedirt.com>

DATE: Tue, 01 Nov 2005 19:03:47 -0500

Congrats Brian, on the launch of your new album. What a grand accomplishment! Hope you get a real buzzzzz from it all…..cheers!…Tannis

FROM: "M. Epp" <eppm_@hotmail.com>

TO: brian@backtothedirt.com

DATE: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 02:02:50 -0500

RE: RE: Winterfolk III Artists Update Jan 3/05

Hey Brian

Holy doodle! Your Winterfolk III will be amazing. Brian, you are a brilliant event planner/facilitator and I'm happy to have had your tutelage for my first Songwriterfest … I'm also very grateful for the opportunity to participate in your Winterfolk III. It's an honour to get to know you…!

Sending you light…from K-W

Mary Anne Epp, Singer/Songwriter


"I play…therefore I laugh a lot."




FROM: "linda s" <lwwa@hotmail.com>

TO: brian@backtothedirt.com

DATE: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 20:56:05 -0400

Good to see you the other night. I was blown away by your talent!



FROM: jackie

DATE: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 11:52:20 -0400 (EDT)

RE: comments

Hi Brian!


 I wanted you to know that your cd has helped to lighten the load during a difficult time. Singing along with those songs or just hearing them in my head keeps me moving along a more positive line. So, much thanks to you.

All the best,



FROM: "jjm" <jjm@o2.pl>

TO: <brian@backtothedirt.com>

DATE: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 18:59:26 +0200

Gaude Mater lecturer on CM history and Radio Fiat d. j.

Miroslaw Desperak


Dear Brian:

First of all thanx a million for your another excellent Cd. What a beautiful collection songs it is and what great guitar picking!

In our eyes it's another masterpiece.

It was my great pleasure to play most of the songs on the air and believe it or not 2 of your great songs entered our top 20. The flags of freedom – is on spot # 5 and that catchy instr. – Mr. pick quick`s polka – is # 12. Great. Our congratulations to you!

Some other most requested songs with our audiences are: The flags of freedom; Wally's pre-owned automobiles; A year in the valley; Every day can be a sunny day and For a day in the park. My personal favorite is: Estrogen.

Tony Quarrington is your terrific partner, a multi-talented musician.

Your songs are so optimistic ,so romantic. It's a honeycomb for my ears. They are so relaxing a great cure for my nerves. You are such a sensitive poet and great musician. We love you and your great music.

You are our hero.

Take care and keep on picking and singing.

Kindest regards

r faithful # 1 fan and dedicated friend in Poland

Miro(slaw) Desperak


Please do open the official Gaude Mater website :


and you'll have a chance to learn something more of me and my activity. It's in Polish and English. Good luck.

Dear Brian,

Hope you are fine

Many thanks, one more time for the good music, you sent me. I have been

particularly impressed with the very good sound and the instruments play.

It is a real pleasure to listen to your catching melodies with a

preference for tracks 1,2,3,4,7,9 and 12 (my fave ) . as usual, I will

air them by turn and from time to time.

Thanks again for all

Have a good day


Mike Penard

c/o ISA Radio


01680 Lhuis



> Hey Brian:

Sorry to take so long to reply however I wanted to let you know the album is

excellent; very uplifting and inspirational. We certainly will be featuring

"Mr. Pick Quick's Polka" over the next few weeks during our Octoberfesting

here in KW.

All the best,

Doug Gibson

CKWR – Your FM, Kitchener, Ont.


FROM: "Jos Bierman" <josbierman@optusnet.com.au>

TO: <info@backtothedirt.com>

DATE: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 14:11:58 +1000

RE: A time for new beginnings

Hi Brian,

Received your album, thank you.

I had a quick listen and it certainly is different. There are several tracks I really enjoyed and I will use them in my upcoming programs, both in the Netherlands and here in Australia.

I report my playlists to the Nashville Showcase Board, so you can find there whenever and what I play of your songs.

Thanks again, wish you success,

Jos Bierman

FROM: "Noel Parry" <noelparry@xtra.co.nz>

TO: <info@backtothedirt.com>

DATE: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 09:19:06 +1200

RE: Re New CD


We have pleasure in advising the arrival of the new Disc today.

This will get airplay very soon.

Kindesty Regards

Neil Murch & Noel Parry

Country DJ's

New Zealand

FROM: Buster <cbd@vallnet.com>
Brian, we're glad you're back on Stardust Compilation #44..! The live cut, "Asphalt Cowboy", turned out great!
Colonel Buster Doss, President, Stardust Records

FROM: Heidi Little littleheidiband@hotmail.com
DATE: Tue, 16 Sep 2003
Hello Brian!! I was just doing a check through the internet and I saw the write up about your Earth Day celebration!! A)thankyou! B)Thankyou! C)Thankyou!! I just returned home from a tour across Western Canada, and the forests were on fire….it was at times depressing and at other times it felt like it needed to be done, so much dead brush from clear cutting you could see were it had killed the natural order of things. Anyway, thank you, the publicity has not been on it as much in the last few years, so we need a cultural thing to bring it back to the mind set of today…. I want to play music everyday of my life. www.canadiancreative.com

FROM: "Valerie Baxter" – ValerieFB@ozemail.com.au
Hi there Brian – I played Asphalt Cowboy last Saturday and several other tracks on my show … its to good to learn that you have some songs on Stardust, great exposure for you too and I'm sure it will be well received.
Bye – Valerie, Community radio Station 2XX, Canberra, Australia

FROM: "Quinte Spirit Festival Chair Person" <quintespirit@hotmail.com>
I wish I could have made it. Hats off to Brian for sticking to his vision! Peace, Steve Medd www.quintespirit.ca

FROM: "Quinte Spirit Festival Chair Person" <quintespirit@hotmail.com>
Hi Brian,
Your words I can relate to having encountered my own share of roadblocks and
cynicism from time-to-time while trying to bring out the "spirit" in the
Quinte Spirit Festival and sincerely make a difference. Offbase criticism
can certainly knock the steam out of anybody…there have been many times I
felt the deflation of such comments and actions. I can see from your
thoughts below you've got the spirit to make a difference.
From one spirit to another
Peace, Love and Sunshine!
Steve Medd

FROM: Per.Kristian.Rodal@toll.no
Psychedelic pholk songs – .
It's a very special album, somewhere between folk and country, and lyrics
that make people think(at least me). Great melodies as well. Favorite songs
: "Uncle John" and "A Father's Lullaby".
With regards, Per K. Rodal, Norway

FROM: "peterco" <peterco@sci.net.au>
Brian, this is a very different album to any I have heard in my 35yrs as a broadcaster for country music, your Guitar licks are great, your vocals are great — yes we do hear heaps of trash on CD-Baby these days — for this album it lies in a rating of 4 **** Stars. Brian as an indie artist you are great, we will have you on prime time for one month, and have you feature artist at that time, this will start in August 1st for the whole month. All the best Brian, we have also been on your website last night, and got a great buzz out of it Pres/Dir; Dave Peters, CEO. Radio F.M.Country 97.4 FM 24hr Country. The Worldwide C.D. Distribution Network

Your band was really tight tonight. Tony's guitar pickin' nicely complements your flying fingered guitar work and Bonnie's harmonies add a special dimension to your vocals. Just read the FolkWax article on your website: congratulations on a fine article and amazing success in just three years! Terry Hart – Acoustic Guitarist http://www.mp3.com/TerryHart

FROM: "Sonny Ochs" <sonnyo@midtel.net>
Hey Brian, Looks good! Really like the website! Very brave to do a festival in January! At least it's indoors! Good luck with it! Regards, Sonny Ochs

FROM: Rebrobby@aol.com
Hi Brian, thanks so much for taking time to get back to me, that little voice inside kept telling me to go ahead and e-mail you, I'm very glad I did. You are a REAL person and caring musician. It is so refreshing and rare. I will follow up on the articles and website you recommended So once again THANKS and sending blessings to you and yours, Peace, Jerry

FROM: Lionel_Teed@TD.COM
Hey, some of the words used in those reviews also speak to your card playing!

FROM: "Few'll Ignite Sound" <ember@emberswift.com>
Hi Brian, Hope life is going well… Just thought I'd drop some good vibes into your inbox from the road. Activism is alive… thanks for contributing to its life force.

FROM: "BETTY DWORATSCHEK" <metalqueen@sonicwebmail.com>
Thanks Brian. …. Your notes were a great inspiration for a nice pep talk to the band! Thank you very much! …. Betty

FROM: musicum@canada.com
Hi Brian, Thanks for the birthday tribute. I appreciated it. Your band is sounding good and tight. Keep writing

FROM: <info@shawntrotter.com>
Last Monday was great, again many thanks for coming all the way from Toronto and sharing your music with us. I would like to have you back again sometime after the summer, maybe closer to Christmas. Hopefully I'll see you before then. Take care. Shawn Trotter, Founder, Southern Ontario Fingerstyle Guitar Association

FROM: "Marianne & Jaap de Geus" <studio14@xs4all.nl>
Dear ye'all involved in Psychedelic Pholk Psongs, Congratulations with being signed [and having signed Brian Gladstone] to the Silverwolf Records label . Well deserved! May you enjoy this all! Regards,
Jaap C. de Geus – producer/host 'Let there be country …!' – Radio Spijkenisse, Holland

FROM: Robert Price <parentcare@on.aibn.com>
Brian: Congratulations! I am very impressed with your successes, all earned. I am very proud to know you.

FROM: "David Batzofin" <daveb@702.co.za>
TO: <brian@backtothedirt.com>
Great album

Hi Brian,
I host a radio show in Jhb South Africa and I have just received your Alive and Picking album.
What a great album. As a folk/country music specialist I really enjoyed listening to it.
Shades of everyone from the "folk era" came rushing back to me.
Arlo Guthrie in particular! I got it yesterday and have had it in the cd player since then!
Is there anyway of getting any of your other albums,or perhaps even albums of peorple you have worked with on this one? Although my program is a talk show I do get to play music and I try to play country/folk where I can.

FROM: "Theo Oldenburg" <t.oldenburg@hetnet.nl>
CD "Alive and Picking" received

Hello Brian,

Thanks for sending your live album "Alive & Picking". The music is great, and it seems to me that your singing is getting better and better. When I play one of the songs of the album, I'll send a playlist. By the way: have you seen the review of Psychedelic Pholk Songs on www.allmusic.com ?
I missed that one in the bio.

Best regards,

Theo Oldenburg
Radio Winschoten www.radiowinschoten.nl

FROM: Blue Smoke Music Company <blue.smoke@actrix.gen.nz>
From Eddie / NZ

Hi Brian,
Yes, we have received your Alive and Picking CD. So far it's had a track played on a new releases programme, and is currently with a presenter of a folk programme — it may have already been on the show on Saturday
FROM: "youthbike" <youthbike@ntlworld.com>

The Cd arrived here this last week and I took it up to the
studio. We played two tracks but I can't remember which two.
You can say that your music has been played on Gravity FM and
Trust AM in England though.

Many thanks Tony

FROM: "Wortelboer, Rein" <Rein.Wortelboer@nld.xerox.com>
RE: Playlists PeelGrass

Dear Brian,

Thank you very much for your live album.Attached please find some playlists, which can also be printed from my website.
Regards and KEEP IT COUNTRY,
Rein Wortelboer

FROM: "alan cole" <don.valleyam@virgin.net>
TO: info@backtothedirt.com

RE: hi there

hi there brian and many thanks for the c/ds, these have been added to the station library and are getting airplay already, keep up the good work and all the best for the future

alan & sonia


FROM: nik beat <nikbeatmb@yahoo.com>
TO: Brian Gladstone brian@backtothedirt.com

RE: Re: Gigs and News

Hi Brian,
Thanks again for attending and supportin my work. It was a surprise and a pleasant one to see you there.
Can't wait to do Winterfolk! Keep me informed.
Nik Beat

FROM: Jane Weber <Weber.Jane@rtvslo.si>
TO: "'info@backtothedirt.com'" <info@backtothedirt.com>
RE: To Brian

Thanks for Alive… cd – I'll play it.
Jane Weber, EuroRadio

Music Editor At Slovene National Radio (Active Member Of European
Broadcasting Union/EBU)
FROM: JBJoanandbill@aol.com
TO: info@backtothedirt.com
RE: Oasis
Hi Brian,
Just wanted to say thank you for last night. You're a triple threat kind o'
guy. Great performer, great host, great audience. Hope to see you soon.
All the best,
Bill Colgate

FROM: "Shane Simpson" <shane588@rogers.com>
TO: <info@backtothedirt.com>
Good Time
Hi Brian,

Enjoyed gigging with you last weekend – looking forward to more!
Hope you had a good trip back,

Shane Simpson

FROM: MrBigAlWatts@aol.com
TO: brian@backtothedirt.com

Brian got your cd wow I always sid you could pick now theres two of you to
entertain us down under I will write again later If my computer behaves itself
fantastic stuff mate Cheers Al

FROM: "noah zacharin" <noahsong@hotmail.com>
TO: brian@backtothedirt.com

congrats on all the sweet victories. I look forward to hearing you on saturday. nz
Noah Zacharin

FROM: "lenka lichtenberg" <lenkal@sympatico.ca>
TO: "Brian Gladstone" <brian@backtothedirt.com>
Re: performances
Dear brian, thanks for your response. as i'm listening to "who killed betty..{norma jean}," i do find myself back in time when music was so much real or something…and you know what, brian, in the old czech republic where i'm from – people in the mainstream very much appreciate music like yours. it gets airplay all the time. people like you are loved and well known there.so, it sounds so homey to me – plus the songs have so much to say.
thanks for the tips from folkwax article! sure will come in handy – and for the words of encouragement as i'm spending hours a day for weeks now, trying to get some music industry people, and maybe a press person or two, to come down to the concert, and nobody responds, despite repeated follow-ups – and a stunning press kit! – …you do have to be incredibly thick-skinned, eh? well, YOU i invited because of your peace activism (as my songs have)- and you are a very different kind of a person, clearly, and i appreciate you're very busy. it still would be a great pleasure to have you there dec.7th. – and i'm gonna try to break out shabbat habbits and come down dec 12.
take care
lenka lichtenberg, singer-songwriter, yiddish and world music performer. for mp3s, audio clips and performance updates, visit www.lenkalichtenberg.com

FROM: "Ian Betteridge" <ianbet@ozemail.com.au>

Thanks for your CD "Alive and Picking" which we have been featuring for some time now. We currently have track 4 on rotation and have previously featured tracks 1,3 and 5. Nice playing. I hope this gets to you as your flyer email address looks wrong to me and this one looks right. You don't stutter do you? Cheers, Ian Betteridge. Radio 2CCC-FM. Australia.
FROM: "Marianne Girard" <m.girard1@sympatico.ca>

Dear Brian,
Very cool. Everything about this show is focused and cool.
I hope you are well,

FROM: "Jack de Keyzer" <jackdekeyzer@rogers.com>
TO: "Brian Gladstone" <brian@backtothedirt.com>
RE: Winterfolk Blues on JAZZ FM91/ Jack de Keyzer
Hi Brian:
Thank you for the update and for the invititation to perform Winterfolk
II. Both shows were very well received and I really enjoyed perfoming with
and meeting all the talented guitarists at the Swallow. Thank you too for
including me in the Danny Marks Winterfolk show…much appreciated. I
meant to call you beforehand, but I was out of town and realised I hadn't
mailed you a CD, before the show! I'm guessing Danny had a copy. I will
mail you one early next week. Congratulations again on putting together
such a wonderful group of musicians. Your Winterfolk is a bright spot in
Toronto 's winter.
Jack de Keyzer

FROM: "RANG" <sirrus1@rogers.com>
TO: brian@backtothedirt.com

Thank you!

Dear Brian:
Thank you so much for your email. You made such a difference in the life of this first festival, and these
thanks of mine are truly heartfelt. My hope is that the music and the arts in a diverse fashion will continue
to be presented by RANG, and that its support of emerging artists will develop in a concrete and meaningful fashion. You have been beyond magnificent, both with the generous offering of your fine talent, and your amazing support. I love your impeccable musicianship and fine poetry/songs. That was a fine and incredible treat to have you take part in this first festival! I do thank you again and again! You made the finest difference!
Best always,


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